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Dr. Chiara Casonato


I am Dr. Chiara Casonato, English speaking Therapist in Rome.

I’m a psychologist and psychotherapist and I specialise in attachment psychology.

This means that I am able to work with all age groups, as my approach has a very sound scientific basis and has roots in the way our first relationships shape our view of ourselves, others and the way we experience the world.

I’m passionate about my job and I love being able to help my clients, from the youngest to the oldest, achieve a toolset that will see them through the toughest times in their life – even well after our journey together ends.

I’m especially passionate in helping parents in any way I can, sharing my knowledge and experience. My goal is to help them raise their children in a manner that is both evidence-based and as low stress as possible, while providing them with the best possible tools to face the world on their own in the future.

My Approach

I offer evidence-based psychotherapy rooted in Attachment Theory and its neuroscientific evolution.

My approach is versatile, extending its benefits to both adults, parents and children.

Unlike the idea of lifelong therapy or quick fixes in just 10 sessions, I believe in a cooperative approach where my clients bring their knowledge of their own minds, and I provide my understanding of how minds work. Together, we uncover life experiences and factors that led here, aiming for positive change while honoring what’s valuable.


With adults, I focus on secure connections within oneself and relationships. We explore patterns that shaped interactions, nurturing resilience and rewriting narratives.

In my work with children, we work together to build secure emotional foundations. By exploring the patterns that shape their interactions and experiences, we empower them to develop resilience and rewrite narratives early on, setting the stage for a more fulfilling future.

I also assist parents in understanding the dynamics that underlie their interactions with their children. By merging Attachment Theory insights with practical guidance, I help parents create a nurturing environment that promotes emotional security and positive development.

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